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Aperture Cross Stitch

Aperture Cross StitchI made this set early last year and tucked it away in the unfinished projects drawer because I was too lazy to frame it. Several months after the stitching was done, I picked up a frame and some foam core to substitute  for an actual picture frame mat. Upon discovering the foam core was too thick to fit in the frame, the project was re-abandoned. Finally, about a week ago I picked up a piece of plain ‘ol poster board. It doesn’t look like a proper mat, but it got the job done.

I miss cross stitch. Now, with my rekindled love, I just need to figure out a new project. I have hundreds of designs, I just don’t have a finished object to put them on or an idea of what they’d be useful for.




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I think this is very interesting. Unsurprisingly, the products I looked up have a lot of filler. It’s super cool to see a breakdown of everything that goes into a particular cleaning solution, though. Obviously, not all brands are listed, but there’s a lot of them, and it’s straight from the manufacturer.

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