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Donut Muffins

I can always count on allrecipes to give me a tried and true recipe for common dishes. I did not expect to find so many rave reviews for something called “Donut Muffins”. Following my own advice, I made a half batch of this recipe in an attempt to sate a donut craving. They were delicious! Not exactly like a donut, but as close to a donut as anything you can get around here, and quick to whip up. The picture above shows half of them with cinnamon sugar and half plain. I made them in muffin cups for easier clean up, so only the tops were dipped in sugar mixture, which contributed to my version seeming more muffin-like than donut-like. If you coated the whole thing it would probably wind up a bit more like a donut hole.


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Lacy Plates

Everything I set on these instantly transforms to classy. Shown here are my favorite pancakes, which are made from the Alton Brown recipe.

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Sourdough Starter and Bread

I am dumbfounded, astounded, amazed, impressed, and nearly speechless. I somehow managed to convince microscopic organisms that they should come live in a little plastic container, where they will occasionally receive food, but will more often be slaughtered in great quantities.

I have created a sourdough starter from nothing but flour and water. I did not think it was possible, especially for someone like me, who has never been able to keep a simple herb garden alive. Despite this past failure with living things, I was drawn in by the simplicity and assurance of success of this tutorial. Just mix up some water and flour, keep mixing in more water and flour periodically, and in under one week you have wild yeast! Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t quite that easy for me, but it succeeded eventually. I reached day 3 of the tutorial and had no bubbles to indicate yeast has taken up residence. I started anew, leaving the first attempt alone, but my second try molded within a couple days and I threw it out. Frustrated, I stalked away from the whole ordeal for a while. My first batch sat there, unmolded, but covered in a liquid layer of hooch. Eventually I took heart, poured off the hooch and took a highly recommended troubleshooting step — addition of more nutritious flour. The tutorial recommends rye, but I didn’t have that. I did have whole wheat berries, which I blended into flour and added to the (presumed lifeless) batch with some water. After less than a day, the yeast began to show bubbly signs of life. I continued feeding with unbleached all-purpose flour, declared myself to be on day 4, and had no problems thereafter.

I have since made two loaves of bread. The first was not adequately kneaded, lacked salt, and came out in an unappetizing lump. The second took half an hour of beginner’s kneading before smoothing out and showing signs of developed gluten, but it rose beautifully in the oven. Gorgeous, deliciously crispy crust with perfectly textured insides. I don’t know how I managed to make this happen, but I feel like a miracle worker.

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Recipe Review: Cherry Hand Pies

I realize it’s no longer picnic weather, but I’m just now getting around to trying the cherry hand pie recipe from the July 2011 bon appétit. I should’ve eaten them all myself, but I foolishly brought the whole batch to my D&D group (where they were introduced as Drow’s Blood Pies). There were many contented noises and compliments given in exchange, but I still regret sharing.

Refrigerated puff pastry is a baker’s best friend. All I had to do for this recipe was throw some cherries and sugar in a pot, cook about ten minutes, and ladle into the thawed pastry. Brush with egg, crimp some edges, and voila — incredible puffy deliciousness!

You should absolutely give it a go. Check out the recipe and pictures of the finished pies here.

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Recipe Review: Failproof Caramels



Giverslog has an amazing caramel recipe that I have made three or four times. The recipe details when to take portions out for dip or caramel coating, but I always cook it until the end and make little wrapped candies. They’re marvelous, and they’re not too difficult if you have a thermometer and just a bit of patience. I haven’t messed it up yet, but they get a bit grainy after about one week. One batch makes the pile you see to the left, which I would estimate contains around 80 tablespoon-sized pieces. I always have plenty for sharing, with many extras to send off to a relative or two.

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Recipe Review: French Fries

Oh how I love The Food Lab. Science and cooking combined, just the way it should be. I first stumbled across The Food Lab through a post on how to make the perfect french fry. I was skeptical. The recipe is so simple, and the promised results are so amazing. However, simple does not have to mean shoddy, a  tenet I should’ve learned from my ventures in ice cream. You need to pay strict attention to detail with regard to temperature and cooking time, but a good thermometer and a stopwatch should help things go smoothly.

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Frigging Homemade Ice Cream

From GettyImages

It’s easy! It has three ingredients! It’s absolutely delicious! What’s not to love? Seriously, I was shocked at how quick and easy this recipe was. I figured nothing this simple could be really delicious, but boy was I wrong. No ice cream machine necessary, all you need is the ability to heat (on a stove, preferably) and something to whip cream to soft peaks.


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