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Protip: Dog hair + gloves = <3

Before and after a quick sweep with gloves

I love my Scotch Fur Fighter. It picks up hair like crazy and embedded dirt that I didn’t know existed. Unfortunately, I own the fluffiest dog in the state, and the little yellow sheets clog with hair after just one or two swipes. You’re supposed to switch to a new sheet when the old one gets full, but it would take dozens to fully clean my couch. You can remove some of the hair by hand, but it defeats the ease of the tool and doesn’t work all that well.

There is a nearly magical household item that makes fur removal much easier — gloves! I already have boxes of rubber gloves for particularly filthy cleaning tasks and dish washing marathons, but if you don’t, you can pick up a pair for under a buck. I am stunned at the results and relieved that I have a cheaper, reusable option for cleaning the dog hair that collects on my couch. I’ll continue using the Scotch Fur Fighter for touch-ups, but I am unbelievably happy that I have an easier way to clean vast quantities of fur from fabric.


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Remember to make test batches of recipes you’re trying for the first time. Especially if they have a 50% chance of being awful, but they just might be amazing so you want try it anyway. Examples I’m thinking of right now are maple cornbread and basil lemon cookies. I need to halve recipes I find in magazines or on the internet and try them before making a whole batch.

I have a 9″ x 13″ full of almost inedible cornbread cooling right now, and I feel stupid.

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