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Ars Sine Scientia

Contrary to what my mother says, I am not artistic. I craft like crazy and I love it, but I can’t draw or paint or sketch. However, I love coloring. The image on the left is the result of my first ever digital attempt. I found an awesome technique via Google, and searched┬ádeviantArt for some free line art. The original of my image is from Sythe01, and if you follow the link you can see all the other people who commented on his post with their versions. You can make one too! The tutorial I used for coloring makes it easy to change all the elements of the image to any color you’d like. The image below the cut is only a few minutes work from this undead beauty. Also inside is a link to my .psd and some quick instructions on how to color your own in under ten minutes. (more…)


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