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I rarely enjoy all (or even many) of the patterns in a given book or magazine. Anticraft Knitting is no exception. However, I have been looking for a pattern for some net gloves for quite a while, and this book delivered where the internet could not. The rest of the patterns are not something I see myself making, but it has two good things going for it. One, I like the layout and the decoration on the pages. Two, and more importantly, all the little blurbs in between patterns are hilariously well written. I wouldn’t pick it up for the patterns, but you should check it out if you’d like a bit of a gothy laugh.


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Embroidery Companion, Indeed

I admit it, I don’t own a ton of craft books. When one is mentioned somewhere, I check it out from my local library. I do have some crafty books. Like all of my books, they are ones I refer to again and again, ones I will re-read many times. I love having full bookshelves, but I want them to be books I will use and read and enjoy for years to come, not something I just picked up because it had a pretty cover. That said, I am definitely adding a crafty book to my crafty book collection: Embroidery Companion by Alicia Paulson. When I read about it, I checked out a copy, as usual, from the library. I read through it once and loved it. I picked it up again to mark the projects I wanted to refer back to, and realized I was marking every single project. I never do that. When I get a crafty magazine or a crafty book, I generally plan on making maybe two of the projects. I can never find ways to actually embellish things with embroidery, and not only is Paulson’s book chock full of neat things to embellish, but her designs are all lovely. In case you haven’t gotten the point yet, get this book!

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