Aperture Cross StitchI made this set early last year and tucked it away in the unfinished projects drawer because I was too lazy to frame it. Several months after the stitching was done, I picked up a frame and some foam core to substitute  for an actual picture frame mat. Upon discovering the foam core was too thick to fit in the frame, the project was re-abandoned. Finally, about a week ago I picked up a piece of plain ‘ol poster board. It doesn’t look like a proper mat, but it got the job done.

I miss cross stitch. Now, with my rekindled love, I just need to figure out a new project. I have hundreds of designs, I just don’t have a finished object to put them on or an idea of what they’d be useful for.




Ikea Wall Art

I fell in love with this Ikea fabric and bought it without any idea of what I could use it for. It sat in a cabinet for many months until the answer finally came to me as I looked around my apartment at the vast stretches of empty white wall that needed covering. I picked up some canvas stretcher bars from Dick Blick and stretched the fabric over the assembled bars using a staple gun. The hardest part was the corners, but some quick Googling led me to lots of tutorials on how to fold them neatly. This was the one I liked best. It took a few hours, but it was a very cheap way to cover a lot of wall. The finished piece measures almost five feet wide by three feet tall.

Nail Art

It’s kind of a thing now, isn’t it? That’s what Pinterest tells me. Anyway, I painted my nails, and I was impressed that I didn’t smudge polish all over the place, so I took a picture.


My first harvest, enough to make six mojitos!

Mr. Chemist and I went to his office for Fourth of July. I wouldn’t want to go into work on my day off, but his company is on the top floor of a 33-story skyscraper with a perfect view of the river where they light the fireworks. So in we went, bringing a cake I baked to commemorate the occasion. The frosting is this previously mentioned magnificent recipe, and the cake is from a box, but it’s swirled with food coloring for an extra surprise once you cut yourself a slice. You can see a picture of the cake before frosting here.


These are strawberries with homemade whipped cream holding on the blueberries. They’re a treat I made last year for Fourth of July. This year I’m making a cake, but it might be another year before you get to see pictures!

Donut Muffins

I can always count on allrecipes to give me a tried and true recipe for common dishes. I did not expect to find so many rave reviews for something called “Donut Muffins”. Following my own advice, I made a half batch of this recipe in an attempt to sate a donut craving. They were delicious! Not exactly like a donut, but as close to a donut as anything you can get around here, and quick to whip up. The picture above shows half of them with cinnamon sugar and half plain. I made them in muffin cups for easier clean up, so only the tops were dipped in sugar mixture, which contributed to my version seeming more muffin-like than donut-like. If you coated the whole thing it would probably wind up a bit more like a donut hole.